Serving the Rideau Lakes area, Covell Homes is well-acquainted with the environmental issues that accompany building in close proximity to a lake. If you have a cottage you would like to renovate or a property ready for new construction, contact us for the latest in local bylaws and building codes.

Always of concern with lakeshore properties is the septic system. It is often advantageous to install a tertiary unit, especially if the property has limited soil, is rocky or small or currently has a holding tank. The system we prefer to use is the Waterloo Biofilter, as it has a small footprint, requires little maintenance, and has established itself as technologically superior. Covell Homes is a licenced installer for Waterloo Biofilters.

Let us help you design and build, optimizing lake-views while preserving the natural waterfront. Together, we will protect lakes and the biodiversity they sustain.

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