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Ground source heat pumps

Geothermal heat pumps use the natural heat storage capacity of the earth’s groundwater to heat and cool a home. Some of the advantages of this system include low maintenance, and reduced heating and air conditioning costs. The system is clean, quiet, and ecologically sound. The heat pump systems we install are designed and manufactured in Canada.

Radiant floor heating, (also known as hydronic)

This is an energy-efficient system, generally installed above the sub-floor, which involves heating elements in tubes or cables covered with lightweight concrete or gypsum. Water is heated by oil, electricity, or a ground-source heat pump, and circulated through the tubes. The floor absorbs the energy and gives it off as heat. You can maintain a lower indoor temperature, and still feel warm because your feet are warm. Although the system can be “zoned” with temperature controls for each area, radiant heating, due to its thermal mass, is slow to respond. It should be noted that while conventional heating/air conditioning systems use the same equipment for both functions, radiant floor heating requires a separate ventilation system. High-velocity air conditioning systems are compatible with radiant flooring and a very good choice. Radiant flooring provides even, comfortable warmth, and is clean, quiet, and long-lasting. However, it is more costly than conventional systems.

Covell Homes will assist you in determining which heating system will work best for you, by considering initial cost, payback time and other factors. You may wish to talk with some of our previous clients about the systems they have chosen.

Insulated Concrete Forming (ICF)

This is a exterior wall system that consists of hollow blocks of insulating foam. Once the blocks are in place, reinforcing steel is added to the cavities and concrete poured in. The ICF serves as a backing for both interior and exterior finishing materials. The result is a durable home that has superior insulation, energy-efficiency, improved sound and fire-rating characteristics, and is virtually dust and pollen free.

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